Saturday, January 7, 2017

Fosterwee Update, 2017

Hi Friends.  Quick update from the Harlem home of Fosterwee.

Blitzen, Carrie and I officially adopted each other in September, 2016, nearly 10 years after Blitzen entered the foster care system.  Blitzen has grown into a brilliant, fierce and fashionable teenager with remarkable talents and wonderful friendships.  To know her is to be smitten.

Blitzen’s youngest sister moved out of our home in 2016, and is permanently with her father.  (Yay for permanency!)  Her oldest sister Dancer, 17, has been in our care since October, 2016.  Three of Blitzen’s siblings are beginning their 11th year in foster care with no permanency in site.

Carrie and I remain passionate about creating a child welfare system that works for kids, parents and communities.  We believe that public policy should support families.  We believe that undoing institutional racism would lead to better outcomes.   We believe that permanency is essential for the health of children. 

We believe in #PermanencyforSandy. We love Rebecca, Sandy and Clementine and miss the Fosterhood blog, which was a huge inspiration for us.

Two active blogs we appreciate are AdoptiveBlackMom and The (Foster) Moms Must Be Crazy.

I’m addicted to Twitter: andrewhume

Carrie and I sincerely appreciate all the virtual love and support we’ve received over the last 5+ years, thanks to the potent combination of Blitzen’s inimitable spirit and Carrie’s ability to capture it in prose.  We’re thinking about jumping back into blogging someday.  Meanwhile, we’re delighted to connect with folks advocating for a humane, equitable child welfare system.


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Three Weeks

Blitzen has lived in our home for three tiring, wonderful weeks.  Feel free to follow our adventures in foster care at Fosterwee.

Friday, November 11, 2011

It's on

Hi Friends.

Blitzen is in our home!  We hope to blog about it with some regularity at

Andrew and Carrie